Food Service Worker

JOB DUTIES AND Responsibilities:
Serves as Food Service WG-4 for Nutrition & Food Service which involves food service from one production area serving point of service units, an advanced tray delivery/rethermalization system and a cafeteria line with 50% or more of patients requiring modified diets.
May perform a variety of routine tasks in any of the following units:
o Production, centralized cold tray line or in the Main Dining Room.
o Under immediate supervision and performance of the Training and Quality Assurance Supervisor.
Additional supervision provided by Food Service Supervisors.
Guidance is provided by the Food Service Systems Manager with the Clinical Nutrition Manager and dietitians providing technical assistance as needed.
o Reviews worksheets and menus.
Has work evaluated in terms of accuracy and timely completion of assignments.
o Responsible to pick up keys from Admissions area and unlock building if Supervisor not on duty.
o Performs duties requiring proficiency in special procedures and a broad knowledge of service operations such as food preparation and advanced tray system.
o Selects and places food on patient trays.
Maintains proper temperatures of food according to established procedures.
o Decides food items to serve for most common diets when/if tray tickets are not available and diet cards are used.
o Identifies obvious discrepancies between prescribed diets and food items designated by menus.
o Sets up tray assembly area with correct supplies and food items and breaks down and clean the area.
o May deliver trays to patient's bed and report patient's comments and complaints.
Cleans assigned work areas.
o Operation of an Indoor Motorized Vehicle and Government Owned Motor Vehicles; must maintain a valid state issued driver's license, annual completion of defensive driving training, clear the National Driver Registry, driving record checks every four (4) years and maintain certification through Employee Health Office for physical fitness.
Inquiry for Motor vehicle operators.
o Completes diet change activity and makes final check of diet trays for completeness, correct food temperatures, attractiveness, set-up and to verify what food items on tray are appropriate for prescribed diet.
o Uses portion control scales/measuring devices to portion individual items according to menu and patient data.
Uses computer terminals and printers to retrieve/print diet changes, menus, patient census, tray tickets special orders, and produce printouts of such information for various work unit in kitchen.
o Checks for printing omissions and resolves discrepancies prior to and during tray assembly.
o Responsible for computer access codes.
Checks food delivered for portioning against needs according to patient census, standing orders, meal references and diet orders.
o Reports overages and shortages to supervisor.
o Maintains written records of temperatures of food, dish machines and refrigerators as required.
o Is responsible for preventing damage to equipment and injury to self and others.
Work Schedule:
Tour of duty is varying days off, 5:
May include Weekend and evening.
Position Description Title/PD#:
Food Service Worker, PD # 06615-A.
Relocation Expenses:
Relocation expenses are not authorized for this position.

Don't Be Fooled

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